from henry...


Out of the many admirable traits that you possess, the one that sticks out the most is the trust & honesty you and I have built up over the years.  You taught me that “all a man has is his Word.” I’ve tried to live my life around that statement, because you have always kept your word with me.

I often think of the time you went out of town on business for a few days and I decided to throw a party, even though you specifically told me to never do this when you’re not there.  Nothing happened at the party, and everyohne went home safely & peacefully.  The next day, when I picked you up from the airport, those words kept

echoing in my head, (“All you have is your word”). Before we even got home, I spilled my guts like I had been interrogated by Mike Tyson.  You gave me the “John Mauldin Sigh,” and thanked me for my honesty.  Then you grounded me for two weeks and told me to never do it again.

Dad, when I grow up and have a family of my own, I hope I can be half the Dad you are to your family.

Love...Your Son,
Henry Mauldin

Funny Memory:

EVERYTIME we are at a restaurant or public place and you decide to AIR Dance with yourself around the table or aswe are leaving!!

from chad...

     Hi Dad, Happy Father’s Day. I just want to say thanks for everything you have done for me through all 13 years of my life, and I really want to thank you for forgiving me when I was mean or rude to you. Thank you for helping me through my hard times of my adoptive mom abandoning me, and just being there when I 

from trey...


Dear Dad, Happy father's day!

     I love spending time with you when I see you! I always have such a good time hanging out together. I miss not doing that everyday. You're the greatest & bestest Daddy in the whole world! I love you very much!



needed to talk.  But I’m thankful of all the things you’ve done for me or given me.

Love Your Son,
Chad M.

Funny Memory:

When we go golfing, & he's teeing off, & he misses the shot, he says, "Oh c'mon John!" Another time is when he is putting, & he misses the put & he'll say, "John, can't you just putt straight?" And the last one is when he is putting & he misses a shot, he'll start swinging the putter like a pendulum. Ha Ha!

Funny Memory:

One time when Dad took me golfing & he thinks that he'll make it but most of the time he really doesn't!

Ha Ha! I love you Daddy!

from amanda...

Dear Dad,

Thank you for all the support you've given to us kids. Love you bunches!

Thanks for being a caring father & making us laugh. Yeah, good times! Thanks for giving me advice about stuff. Thanks for all the fun & good memories & all that stuff we've made. You're a cool person & I love you so much!


I know how hard it must be not seeing us on a regular basis, it's hard on me too. But I want to let you know that the times that l do have with you is a time to cherish. I enjoy hanging out with you Pops! You’re awesome!

Remember to keep God in the center & everything will come together.

I love you!
Happy Father's Day!

Funny Memory:

It was at the Cooper House and Henry & Dad were wrestling and then all of a sudden Henry just picked up Dad & he totally freaked out!!

That was so funny! Yeah, good times!

from abigail...

Dear Dad,

     Thank you for being so great! Thank you for all that you've done for me. I hope we will grow closer together & have a closer relationship.

I know I can always count on you for anything! You're the best!

I am truly blessed to have such a great & loving father like you! Thanks for all that you've done for me. You're the greatest!!

I love the times that we spend together, b/c I know how precious they are to you since we are away, I am sorry

that the times with you go by fast but I do enjoy the moments we have together.

Just know that I truly love you with all of my heart always & forever.

Remember that the joy of the Lord is your strength. Trust in Him & He will direct your paths!

I love you! Happy Fathers Day!

Funny Memory:

When Henry & I gave a makeover to Chad while he was sleeping late one night.

We both started bursting out laughing, & then Dad came out of his room, really upset b/c it was so late & the HE saw Chad & started laughing, Yeah good times!

from melissa...

8 colleges between only 3 kids (so far) = Millions of $$$$

7 private school educations =
Millions of $$$$

Doctor bills for 7 children = Millions of $$$$

Restaurant bills for parties of 9 (plus anyone else the kids dragged along) =  Billions of $$$$

Unconditional Love from a Father = Free

Outstanding Care and Support from a Father = Free

Being able to say your Father is the greatest man to have walked the face of the planet = PRICELESS

Dear Daddy,

When Tiffani and I studied abroad with YWAM we were taught the Father Heart of God. We learned nothing new. Because we were raised by a man who flawlessly personified the father heart of God in all that he did.

Having one excellent parent is better than having two adequate ones.

And we have been blessed with a father who excells all expectations. To know your father will unconditionally love you and always say how proud he is even when you feel you have been a disapoibntment is the most amazing blessing. 

Daddy, I can't really give proper written justice to a man who deserves so much more than one or two paragraphs...I really wish i could do a better job
to show how much gratitude I have bursting from my heart.

i have more pride in you than you can know...thank you for everything.

I love you so much! Happy Father’s Day... Melissa

Funny Memory:

When we were at Mee-Maws and you were asking everyone were your glasses were and we were all laughing and you were getting mad at us, saying we hid them and we laughed harder and you got so frustrated until someone let you know that you were looking at us through them, since you were wearing them!!! Ha Ha!!!

from tiffani...

Dear Daddy,

Here I am, having bugged everyone to get their letters in and I am the last to write mine.  But what do I say...I have put everyone’s words on this screen and teared up at the heartfelt sincerity and laughed at the memories each of them brought up...and then scrolled back

through and laughed and teared, reading them all again...

And in reading them I realized that we all feel the same way.  As different as we all are, we all share an overwhelming admiration for our Father.

As a little girl, I used to sit up at your office and pretend I was doing something important at the secretary’s desk. I used to LOVE Saturdays because you would let me go to work with you in the morning, and I would bring files home and instead of playing outside or dolls, I would make Melissa be my secretary and “we” would play office.  And here I am sitting at a desk with a door adjoined to yours.  Sometimes I feel like that little girl again.

Thank you for being so transparent with us...teaching us honesty and relationship.  I have watched you hurt when each of us hurt and laugh when each of us laugh...I have seen you struggle with things and always do the right thing. I have seen an example of faith and sacrifice, of love and devotion. And I am taught new lessons watching you daily. Thank you for being a safe harbor we can always come and talk to when we want to hang out or if we feel like we have messed up so bad it is the end of our world. You always seem to bring things into perspective...and you

have always been an anchor in the midst of any storm.

Thank you for instilling in us a crazy appreciation of gourmet food and fine things (above). But most importantly teaching us that the only way to enjoy it is to share it with others. 

Thank you most importantly for teaching us generousity and compassion.

I love you Daddy,


Funny Memory:

One would be the time you shaved your beard and you thought you had better let the smaller kids watch you shave it so it wouldn’t be so traumatic.  Then you all hopped in the car to come show me at work and I let out a blood curling scream at my own trauma, in the middle of that store...and we realized I had never seen you without a beard!!

Another would be the time at the Ballpark that Matt and I jumped out and scared you and you went through like fifty emotions at once...I have never seen you that scared!

You jumped straight up in the air and then landed with your hands out like you were going to karate chop us or something! Then you were laughing and then mad and then relieved and then upset and then lauging!  Ha Ha Ha!!! I will never forget your face!!

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